Before shopping the clearance racks…

3 Jun

Keep these 5 little tips in mind and your closet can be guilt free….

1. Buy what you need
This is obvious, but how often do shoppers set out for khaki capris and come home with an eyelet sun dress. Before you shop, make a list and TRY to stay focused.

2. Know your size
Different retailers, different designers, different styles, different sizes.  Don’t settle for a less then perfect fit. If its not flattering or comfortable be honest with yourself – you probably won’t wear it when you get it home. A bargain in the store is attractive, a “baggy in the butt” at home is money ill spent.

3. Know your neutrals
Buy to complement the basics you already possess.  Black, white, khaki, are great basic neutrals that will match the seasons sharper colors and patterns.

4. Start low and work up.
Get the bottoms right; shorts, crops, skirts, and even jeans then move up to tops.  The standard rule is a 3 top minimum for each bottom, which can be achieved by mix and match combination.

5. Know “your” color.
Remember the winter, spring, summer, fall color wheel?  Build on your base color with tops, bags,  shoes and other accessories.  This will build many looks  for less $$.

Lastly, keep in mind fashion shares form, fit and function principles of engineering and design. Shop with form and function in mind, insure fit and those summer bargains off the clearance rack this season won’t haunt you next May.

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