Vogue’s Fall Most Wanted, Nanny 911?

30 Jun

Hands down Fall is my favorite time of year. And although I’m bitching about summer’s heat right now, my eye is steadily fixed on jackets, boots, neutrals and plaids. My love and adoration for with Autumn is based, I’m most certain, on a childhood fondness for going back to school. Oh those simpler days…..

Retail fall line launches are the most anticipated of any season. I wear out the pages of the ‘nista mags. The most referenced, tattered, dogged eared, broke binding is always my copy of Vogue’s Fall Feature. A preview of the July issue is currently available at Vogue.com. I’ve lifted a couple of jackets for discussion.

I love the camel hair, extra wide lapel, low double breast buttons and instead of a self belt, the brown leather skinny belt accessory. Timeless and classic, it’s been a ready to wear must since Brooks Brothers produced the first in 1908. Coat by Ann Taylor, Belt by Michael Kors.

Ann Taylor Camel Hair

As much as I love the coat, I disdain the Topshop Ponte Cape. I’m not certain, but didn’t Nanny 911 show up at some brat’s house wearing one of these? The greatest nanny, Mary Poppins opted for a soft, fitted feminine fitted silhouette. The Ponte Cape with its heavy, frumpy, force field, hovering over everything line, may flatter Cook. This one is a no go, never gonna get, not for me item. However, lightening it up for rain gear Topshop finds some redemption. As seen on topshop.com this rain cape, very similar in cut to the fashion emergency piece, has a great mod appeal.

Ponte Cape

See more of Vogue Selects Fall 2010’s Wardrobe Essentials under $500


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