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Pottery Barn “Handmade” Quilts

20 Sep

Someone recently forwarded the Pottery Barn Quilts, An American Tradition video to me.   A quilt historian, posed in front of a quaint window box,  is discussing the importance of quilting as an art form,  how quilts are passed down through generations, and that Pottery Barn is continuing this tradition with their artisan handcrafted quilts…. what?

Pottery Barn quilts are mass produced by Spartan, a factory in Panipat, Haryana, India, a fact missing from the product information shared in the Pottery Barn video.  As a matter of fact the video painstakingly shows only hands running a needle through fabric.  No meet your artists, no factory shots, no mass of material, no “you are here” distinction at all. But what you do see are historic stills and newsreels of Artists and Art, exactly what Pottery Barn quilts are not.

Here is the ant moving the rubber tree message…

detail of Crazy Road quiltPlease, if you are in the market for a quilt consider supporting true artisans. Why buy mass produced when you can buy 1 of 1?  And in the event you don’t see exactly what you want while you search through thousands of quilts on independent sites or platforms like Esty or Artfire, every artist I know does custom work and many without a surcharge.  Most, like me, warranty their work.  Buying directly from the artist is just as easy as picking up a catalog, but with so many more benefits.  (see 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade)

Quilts are a tradition of beauty, comfort and warmth.  Not an imported, mass produced commodity.

Drop in here to see some of my work, continue through the site to experience real handmade.


Newspaper Upcycled into Wallpaper

30 Jul

“Newsworthy” is this upcycled newspaper wallcovering  – made from 100 percent recycled newsprint from Weiztner Limited:

Weiztner Newspaper Wallpaper

“Using an age-old technology of upcycling old newspapers, 100% real newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and then paperbacked to make Newsworthy suitable for the wall. A wonderful, tactile alternative to an expected grasscloth.”

Newspaper to wallpaper

My upcycling techniques are not as industrial intensive as those practiced by Weiztner.  See my textile projects here, several examples of how I transform reclaimed materials into daily use products.

Profile of a Quilter

29 Jul

The Grand Junction Sentinel has a profile of quilter Charlotte Warr Andersen of Salt Lake City. It features some interesting background about this award winning quilter and her accomplishments over the decades. Andersen has a particular focus on quilts featuring portraits of individuals, a technique she’s been perfecting for nearly 30 years.

Reading about people who found success in your craft, whether it’s quilting or anything else, is always inspiring. It helps stoke the creative fires on slower days. Looking at their work can serve as source of ideas.

My work can be seen at Etsy store, maybe you can find some inspiration there.

World Cup affects Design

25 Jun

With all eyes on the World Cup, it is probably no accident that Pantone’s  color forecast for Fall 2010 “The Gathering” consists of African influences.

Pantone Gatherings

Pantone Gatherings Palette

“Inspired primarily by the continent of Africa with its vastness and complexities, Gatherings brings together  a    compilation of colors that demonstrate the uniqueness of the region. Artifacts and handicrafts reflect a creative boldness that is expressed in a panoply of appropriately named colors: Cypress green, Smoke Blue, Sand and Oasis mixed with the magic of Twilight Mauve, the piquancy of Lemon Curry and the heated glimmer of Copper Coin.”

Examples of palette applications.

Dining Room



Front Entry

Summer Lovin’

31 May

Happy After Memorial Day!

Summer is in full swing.  Long winter neutrals can give way to summer fun.  Here are  some of my favorites!

Summer Living

Reposition seating to encourage conversation, replace heavy drapes with sheers to leak in sunlight.  Don’t forget to accent with fresh flowers to enjoy summer blooms day and night.

Scentsy SurfKowabunga, Dude!

Embrace the whimsical side of summer with this surf illustrated room freshener.  Throw a “clean breeze” brick in this scent warmer and chill after a day in the sun,  surf and sand.

Pastel n' green quiltA tisket a tasket, what’s summer without a picnic basket?

Perfect for a Sunday picnic, making out shapes hidden in summer  clouds or just relax in the  cool evening breeze, this twin sized hand quilted blanket is created from cool summer cotton pastels and a low loft cotton batting.

Stepping Stone

This fun, decorative stepping stone utilizes flat, smooth backsplash “riverstone”, glass marbles, and nipped marble kitchen tiles on an inch-thick sanded terracotta tile. The stone is natural and therefore has it’s own unique “imperfections,” which lends measures to it’s charm.

TurtleMs. Cutie Pie Turtle

Painted wood garden turtle to hang in your outdoor space. Recycled and reused materials.  MS CUTIE PIE is cut from reclaimed plywood and painted in glossy indoor outdoor ivy green.   An environmentally friendly creature, only the beads and paint are new.

Cultural Influences

16 Feb

Native American history is important to me; my personal history links faces and names to many events. My pedigree stems from three tribes, Caddo, Cherokee and Choctaw nations. Forced from South Carolina and Georgia after the first relocation, my family was again supplanted from Tennessee into Arkansas in 1830 via the Trail of Tears. Pictured here is my great, great, great Grandmother Elmire Hammons. She was born in Tennessee, 1829 and as an infant, she was carried across the Trail of Tears via the Southwest Passage.

My current project expresses the last hope of the beleaguered people during this dark time, the Caddo symbol of the entrance to the afterlife – Door to the Other World. Through the Door awaits the peace andCaddo Nation Door to the Other World abundance which existed before the white man. The Door is made up of 2 components, the 8-pointed star, representing the direction of the winds, along with the circle which contains the winds. This symbol is important to the Caddo Nation; so important that it is a dominate a feature of the Caddo Nation Flag. The Door to the Other World will be shown at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn NY, May 15th 2010.

In a previous project, I expressed my fascination with the Plains Tribes. I love their story; they were the holdouts, fighting long and hard to avoid their inevitable fate. This work is a Lakota Star, called the Eye of Lakota Nation Eye of GodGod. The Lakota began to use quilts bearing this design in religious and ritual ceremonies after the demise of the buffalo. The Star celebrates Life, Love and Relationships. I chose pink as a dominate color to recognize those who demonstrate a similar tenacity to that of the Lakota, who used their strength to overcome cancer. This piece is now held in private collection.