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Speedo Summer Pavilion

14 Jul

Tree Hugger has a really interesting article featuring recycled Speedos. The Chelsea College of Art & Design in London was given 600 Speedo swimsuits that Speedo was no longer going to be able to sell due to competition rule changes. The students at the school took that swimsuits and and built a structure reminiscent of some spider webs to provide shade in the summer.

It’s a really interesting looking structure and the students at Chelsea College are clearly an innovative bunch. Speedo should be commended for recycling the suits they couldn’t sell and the college should be commended for encouraging students to innovate with recycled materials. Take a look at my Etsy store for some more examples of recycled fabric turned into something useful.


Summer Lovin’

31 May

Happy After Memorial Day!

Summer is in full swing.  Long winter neutrals can give way to summer fun.  Here are  some of my favorites!

Summer Living

Reposition seating to encourage conversation, replace heavy drapes with sheers to leak in sunlight.  Don’t forget to accent with fresh flowers to enjoy summer blooms day and night.

Scentsy SurfKowabunga, Dude!

Embrace the whimsical side of summer with this surf illustrated room freshener.  Throw a “clean breeze” brick in this scent warmer and chill after a day in the sun,  surf and sand.

Pastel n' green quiltA tisket a tasket, what’s summer without a picnic basket?

Perfect for a Sunday picnic, making out shapes hidden in summer  clouds or just relax in the  cool evening breeze, this twin sized hand quilted blanket is created from cool summer cotton pastels and a low loft cotton batting.

Stepping Stone

This fun, decorative stepping stone utilizes flat, smooth backsplash “riverstone”, glass marbles, and nipped marble kitchen tiles on an inch-thick sanded terracotta tile. The stone is natural and therefore has it’s own unique “imperfections,” which lends measures to it’s charm.

TurtleMs. Cutie Pie Turtle

Painted wood garden turtle to hang in your outdoor space. Recycled and reused materials.  MS CUTIE PIE is cut from reclaimed plywood and painted in glossy indoor outdoor ivy green.   An environmentally friendly creature, only the beads and paint are new.

Rag Rugs

1 Mar

Creating functional furnishings from recycled materials.

The apparel and textile industries, while creating clothes for fashion-hungry consumers, are among the largest creators of waste. For example, according to city estimates, remnant fabrics and used clothing in Los Angeles account for up to 10 percent of trash in landfills.   And even though the manufacturing base has contracted in recent years, the remaining apparel and textile producers still account for massive amounts of waste.  Despite efforts by charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Goodwill,  large amounts of clothing still ends up in landfills.

Modestly addressing this issue, I reclaim used textiles for use in rag rugs and quilts.   One company estimated that it takes as much as 8,000 liters of water to grow the cotton used for just one pair of jeans. Putting a pair of old jeans back into use as rag rugs rather than in the dump can conserve not only landfill space but also keeps already spent resources viable.

Visit my Etsy Store to see completed rugs and quilts from reclaimed materials.